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Sticky Post

Always keep the YUNJAE Faith.
"They're the most talent boy group!
I have never see boys like them
with great look,great vocal,great move (dance) 5 of them in 1 group
but its a shame that they ended up in 2 (JYJ/HoMin)
Im not even their fan.I only listen to their songs...
but their "break-up" makes me upset as well...
their angelic vocal are so well that they actually ease my pain when im hurt but now their voice hurt me when im listen to it


My lossless box


lossless world.Collapse )


Also we'll take an offline party to celebrate your birthday on 7/2 * one day later :(  *
our CGw~~~this time our 5 staffs decide to make it bigger than last 2 years
and I just finished subbing HTTG vid made by Ka to screen in this party * I'm so excited :") though still there's Checkmate perf and just 1 day left :| *
Go!Go!Make it big~
Love you so so much oppa yah,my precious love :x


The 1004's Day


I know. What you do and with whom you're right now
and I want to keep my belief no matter what
Today.KJJ's day anyway
Sending your sweetest love more than always
Happy birthday to your precious half,JYH yah

그대의 예쁜 천사
그대의 소중한 사람

1000 days

Just come back from our YJ offline
All that left is the scream~~
The best
and my cute friends *sobbing*
Here is 10' ps



1000 days.Congratulations~
Yep.Yunjae is real 


Do we really have the same faith?
Sometimes I wonder ,so funny huh


Happy new year:x my 2nd subbed MV~~~
My friend introduced this song to me ^0^ I love Wheesung's R&B voice so much (one of my fav songs by him is 'We are not crazy' :x I'm going to download all of his albums )
This song is OST from the movie 'Why Did You Come To My House'

Here the snapshot

Here the download link

I spent my New year Eve subbing this MV so if you download plz give me a small thanks neh~~~

Happy new year


새해에는 좋은 일만 가득하시길 바랍니다
Chúc mừng năm mới :x

Is this the end?


U know?
I'm losing my balance
Your smile is the most beautiful thing in this world
So plz keep it
I know I'm stupid
but still I pray

Xin lỗi,niềm tin này em đã không thể giữ được trọn vẹn

[Subbed][MV] Around 30 - Sung Shi Kyung

This is my first subbed MV,not the best but yeah I tried my best
To say exactly it's K-lyric+roman+engsub (is it supposed to be called kara?? :"| )  I don't know much about kara effect so finally I just make it simple =..=
Translation like the credit in MV,by 1ncarnad1ne (youtube) , cathydmoon@LJ (big thank for u girl :x) and me
I really love this song so I searched for the MV and subbed (in a really really long time to tell cuz I had to edit so so many times though there's not that many things to do TT___TT ) and then here it is (but listening to it again and again while subbing is ..a bit too much :"|)
Hope u like it (but I really don't think many people will see this entry lolzzz)


Sung Shi Kyung